Mini neanderthal

The weekly email I get from some pregnancy website tells me the little guy is already four or so pounds, so I don't freak out as much when I step on the scale anymore.

My question is, is he really only four pounds and can it be possible that he will grow even more? I can't imagine becoming any more uncomfortable.

A friend said that she hasn't slept for a good four years. Her child is three years old. Now I understand why. Pregnancy robs us of any rest.

I have been wondering if I am in fact just too small for this job.

Every one and their brother have told me this baby may come sooner than later because he will run out of space inside of me. At first I thought people were being ignorant and maybe a tad mean (Japanese people are small and they have babies all the time right?), but in one of those rare occasions where I got my father to talk on the phone (and he is usually the voice of reason when my mother and I are doing our latina stunts and getting out of control) he mentioned the same thing.

Here is an example of how my father, although impatient and cranky ninety nine percent of the time, keeps his cool if events matter. When I was about fifteen years old, someone hit my mom's car with his and wanted to flee the scene after he got out and saw the damage. My mother and I would have none of that. We lunged at the guy and hit and scratched him, keeping him from getting behind his wheel again. When my father appeared, followed by an amused policeman, he apologized to the stunned a-hole that got attacked by women in heals, and giggled to himself, which infuriated my mom and I even more.

Anywho, I am getting sidetracked.

My dad said, in a politically correct manner, that my husband's family seemed to be of big-boned people and that the baby could be as well.

You mean, a little neanderthal or perhaps a little viking?

He surely stretches his little leg all the way pass my third rib and I swear it hits my heart. There's no position that gets him and I comfortable. We are both tossing and turning all night long.

I have become best friends with the heating pad and take Tylenol like it's M&Ms. The back pain and heartburn never seem to subside. When I find a position that will soothe one, the other takes over.

Our little mutt is coming from a melting pot of Irish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian and Native Brazilian so only time will tell what kind of heights he will grow to.

Either way, viking or not at least someone is staying up with me watching infomercials at three in the morning.

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  1. I consider it their first attempts of "Are we there yet?" I don't think it's your little one's genetic make up or your size - my guy's feet reach up that far too (and his daddy's family is the "small" Asians you speak of). I think it's just what they do this close to their release date. Hope you get comfy soon!


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