Positive sides of bed rest

Let's stop complaining and see the positive side of bed rest, shall we?

1) you get to lay around on your pjs all day long and no one thinks you are lazy

2) actually, you get to be a complete lazy bum and people actually encourage you to do so

3) you catch up on movies, books and emails

4) you don't have to clean the house

5) you get to order your husband around and he will respond promptly (get me water, fix me a meal, clean that sink, rub my foot, don't talk)

6) you don't have to feel guilty for not working out

7) you have an excuse as to why your legs are looking like tree trunks and your fingers look fluffy

8) since you are not leaving the house, you get to wear your ugly maternity clothes that are awesomely comfortable but that make you look like you are wearing a curtain

9) you get to take naps


  1. Wait, #5 only works if you're on bedrest. Shhhh don't tell Jeff!

  2. I secretly wanted to be put on bedrest, but just for a weekend. I could use a weekend on the couch. :)


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