Guess who's coming to town?

When I woke up this morning with the sound of the guest room's door opening... Or, better yet, when I was finally dozing off from another sleepless night of cramps and discomfort while watching infomercials in the guest room... My husband approached me slowly to kiss my forehead before heading to work.

I usually jump off the bed to say goodbye by the door and check him out in his uniform before he leaves (hey, we all have a weird fetich). Today I just moaned to him, "please keep your phone near."

Of course he didn't and when I left the doctor's weekly check up I did what any other rational, cool and collected woman would do: I called him over and over again until he answered, so I could go ballistic on my phone in a public parking lot.

The doctor's verdict: I am already dialated and have lost the "plug" that keeps the cervix shut. Doctor was able to poke the baby's head, which royaly pissed the little guy off. He kicked and squirmed and if he could talk he would say, "Yo! That was my head, dude!"

As the doctor explained matter of factly that our new roommate could make his debute in the next twenty four hours to three days, I started sweating and panting, until I interrupted him and said, "Do you mind if I lay down?"

He told me what to expect at the hospital and when to make the drive there. I diverted the conversation asking him about himself. After all, doc is so busy, we never really talked. He sat near the side of the bed as I sweated and panted and told me how I am one of his last patients. He is retiring.

I picked him because he not only has been doing this since before I was born, but because he has no negative track record and was one of the first doctors in the region to successfully apply an epidural.

Speaking of which, I interrupted him again by saying I will need an epidural, and one as soon as possible, because I am terrified of what my body is about to go through.

He understands, and seems so calm. I love my doctor.

I am back to panting now, so let me go lay down. Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck Mari! :)
    Everything is gonna be all right, soon you gonna be feeling great and so happy with your beautiful baby in your hands.

  2. oh yay! I am excited for you, I'm sure you feel overwhelmed, i feel overwhelmed for you because that means my time is near also, but i'm so excited for you!!!

  3. p.s. send some of that labor mojo 3 hrs east for me, kay? I'm ready! Her room may not be, but i am!

  4. You can do this! Don't freak yourself out. It's much easier then you could ever imagine. Just breathe mama!


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