To husband

"Does the rest of my body still look the same?" I asked my husband without looking at him while brushing my teeth, even though he said a few days ago that I look like Humpty Dumpty.

A short silence ensued, which forced me to look at him. He had a panicked look on his face and I could tell he was weighing whether to tell me the truth or say what I wanted to hear.

Because he knows better, he said I still look sexy and that no, my ass does not look that much bigger.

Of all the changes and transformations this pregnancy brought me, my husband's seems to surprise me the most.

I could never imagine the amount of patience, love and adoration this man has developed for me, which I think is completely nuts, given that I am not in my most attractive or fun self.

I am this hungry blob of a ball with arms and legs coming out of it that will cry once or twice a week.

My husband is used to my working long hours, almost never being home, cooking elaborate meals and being competitive when riding our bikes. I feel like lately all he sees is a horizontal version of me (and not in a good way) and he is lucky if I make him a sandwich.

He is beyond patient, loving and caring.

There is no real purpose to this blog entry besides expressing my greatest appreciation to this wonderful man I married and all he has done for the baby and I.

I love you, monkey.

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