The eye of the beholder

Everybody loves a pregnant woman, so I have been told. Random ladies on the street smile at me but I think it is because in their heads they know I am bigger than they and that makes them happy.

Lately I had been thinking that maybe the rest of my body was getting smaller, but the measuring tape doesn't lie. I have even more junk in the trunk than before. With this I have found another intriguing thing about pregnancy: the fastest way to make your ass look smaller is to grow your belly really big.

I was wondering, then, how other people really see me. When I look in the mirror, I see either a pregnant oompa loompa or a coconut: brown, small, harry, and round.

I got my answered on Saturday, while listening to someone else converse in a restaurant. By the way, I wore grown up clothes and grown up hair at this point in the day.

"I saw this cute, little pregnant young girl walking on the football field by the gym this afternoon. She had tiny shorts, a hot pink work out tank top, and a high ponytail. Her belly was huge!" here she showed with her hands the large dimension of said belly, "... and she had those big knockers. She looked so uncomfortable waddling. Her ponytail kept swinging side to side. You can tell she couldn't wait to finish her walk because she kept checking her watch. I guess she got tired, set under a tree and started text messaging on her phone."

First of all, I was not text messaging. I was online, on baby center forum, reading about other ladies that waddle. Second of all, I am not that young. My short stature, plus ponytail, give an optical illusion from a distance. Third of all, walking is hard! Fourth of all, thanks for the "cute" part.

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