Sympathy pains... in my neck

My husband has been so nice and loving that I suspect his body has been taken over by sweet aliens.

However, (there is always a however when it comes to men, isn't there?), I wonder if he is expecting as well.

It all started one day, when he turned to me and said, right after I threw up for the ump millionth time during the first trimester, "My stomach is upset. I feel like throwing up." So I thought that maybe we both ate something funny.

Then he started to feel really tired and claiming he needed a nap. That was around the same time he seemed to be little bothered with the fact that I wasn't working as much and was always too exhausted to move away from the couch. He made the following comment, a tad resentful, "What did you do all day?" and I answered, "I made a heart and a liver, what did you do?"

Then I caught him in bed with preggo pillow in a lazy Sunday morning. Instinctively and jealous, I wanted to save preggo pillow from him because while I smell delicious of lotions and girl things, he smells of dude smells (which strangely is what got me here in this pregnant state - pheromones are an interesting thing). I decided to leave them alone, though, because I am a good person that way.

Then he started having leg cramps and then a shooting pain down his belly. I couldn't resist and said, "Honey, those are ligament pains. It means your uterus is growing." He didn't get the joke because by then there was something on TV about Libya (read the post about Manners - he and I are different people; he actually watches the news).

Then his belly made a really loud noise and he joked saying it was kicking. I warned him, "Sweetie, whatever you have in there that is kicking is not cute."

Finally, one night he woke up in the middle of the night starving. Preggo pillow and I watched with only one eye open as he walked around in the dark, looking for food.

The next day he read an article in a newspaper about how a study has shown that men do get sympathy pains and pregnancy symptoms when around an expecting mother.

He said, sure of himself "I don't have that."

"Of course you don't" I responded.

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  1. I could totally see my husband doing the same "I don't have that" line


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