I'm gonna cry!!!

Someone just told me that fetuses cry in the womb right about this very week I am.

Then I saw this video:

Baby crying in womb

and then I cried.

Apparently this is how they start to show displeasure over loud noises or being hurt (think car accident, or jarring movements).

Yesterday, as I took a hot shower and let the water hit my belly, baby literally punched my belly button. When I moved my belly away, he calmed down. I wonder if he did cry, or was just pissed off. Do fetuses get pissed off?

I know they can feel heat, sense light, hear loud noises, taste the spicy food I like, and play with the umbilical cord by squeezing it until they feel out of breath - I don't know about you, but that would teach me really fast that this is how I get my oxygen and I think I would stop squeezing it.

Now I have also learned that they dream. What could they possibly dream about? They can barely see their hands to make sense of them and put them in a dream. Could my baby just dream about my singing? That could be a nightmare.

Also, how do scientists discover those things? Do they ask the babies when they arrive? Seriously.

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