My scale can suck it

I have been so proud of myself for being one of those girls that don't gain much weight while pregnant and thought I had any control over it.

Apparently my doctor was right: weight gain during pregnancy has more to do with genetics (most women in my family didn't gain much weight while pregnant, but while going through everything else), and the weight gain can come out of nowhere.

I just put on an atrocious amount of pounds in a few days.

It doesn't show on my ass too much, so I guess that's a good thing.

Before getting pregnant I used to call these rapid weight gain episodes "the ghost baby," but now that I am knocked up, I will just blame it on the baby (not the brownie I made pretending it was a gift to husband for the Marine Corps birthday and veteran's day).

I'll just say it's all baby and my scale can suck it.

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  1. I keep telling my scale that, almost every day. But then again, I think my scale is possessed and likes screwing with me. Literally fluctuating from minute to minute up to 5 pounds. Tried changing the batteries, but it's still possessed. oh well.


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