Baby Talk

They say you should talk with your baby while still in the belly, so I started it. I'm just not sure what I am supposed to say, so I just say whatever comes to my mind.

Here are some things I say to my belly, while rubbing it:

"Do you want another piece of brownie? I think you do!"

"What in the world are you DOING in there?" (when he moves around a lot, pushing my insides)

"If you turn out like that, I will send you to military school." (while watching Supernanny)

"Did you get the strawberries I sent you? They must be getting there right about now! Aren't they yummy?"

"Good morning to you too!" (when he kicks first thing in the morning)

"Bom dia para voce tambem!" (here hoping baby is bilingual already)

"Could you please sit somewhere else? You just squeezed the crap out of my bladder and I rushed to the bathroom, but there was no pee in there."

"Mommy is going to take you to Napa Valley so she can go wine tasting once you are here. Isn't it exciting?"

"Baby, you are never going to go hungry." (while looking at my gigantic breasts in the mirror)

"I'm going to hug you and squeeze you and call you George" (do you remember that cartoon? Here is a link: Bugs Bunny and Abominable Snow Man )

"I think snoopy will be your best friend. Snoopy is awesome." (while shopping for crib bedding themes and finding snoopy to be the coolest)

"We could have had it aaaaaaaaaall... Rolling in the deeeeeep...." (singing for baby)

"I love you!" (just because)

"All right, all right, I will give you another piece of brownie."

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