Say hello to my little friend


and why we are close

I have a new understanding for Linus Van Pelt and his blankie. You can certainly become friends with an object made for sleeping.

You can lay your head and your belly on the preggo pillow, hug it and put your legs around it all at once.

The preggo pillow can also spoon you from behind.

The preggo pillow is confy, fluffy and awesome.

The preggo pillow will keep you company when you have insomnia. You can drag it to the couch and you will fall asleep on each others' arms while watching TV.

The preggo pillow does not get a hard on just by spooning you, does not snore, nor elbows you on the face by accident because it had a bad dream, because preggo pillows don't dream.

Preggo pillows don't talk. They don't have opinions.

The preggo pillow is bulky and comes in tacky colors but appearances don't matter in this relationship.

I don't understand why preggo pillows are marketed to expecting mothers only, because every woman should have one.

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