Super Powers

I posted this a while ago, as one of the first pregnancy symptoms, but I think it deserves to be re-posted, because it keeps on happening.


...I went for a walk in my neighborhood on a beautiful afternoon the other day and thought I was all alone on the street. The smell of flowers seemed stronger and also of the recent rain on the ground. Suddenly, I smelled... fart, and I am pretty sure it wasn't me.

I looked around and spotted a woman walking her dog on the other side of the street. I squinted my eyes at her, puzzled. She looked back at me and in the split second that our eyes locked, I read in her expression: guilty.

Then I wondered, fascinated: Could I have developed super smelling powers? Could I have sensed this other person's fart from across the street?

I had forgotten, then, that I was pregnant and didn't know that expecting mothers have over-hyped olfactory senses. I actually considered, at that moment, that maybe something odd and exotic was happening with me. Isn't this how every super hero movie starts? Hero smells something far away and the next thing you know he has webs coming off his hands, or he is flying around the planet to turn back the time.

Evert since then my nose has been capable of detecting and decoding the strangest smells, but other people's flatulence is by far the most frequent occurrence.

I am just not sure what good I can bring to the humanity with this new found super powers besides sensing far away farts.

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