It's not tapeworm!

This morning, as my husband and I walked into the ultrasound's office, he said, "Can't wait to find out what you have in there that is kicking your bladder and sucking the life out of you!" And I said, "Don't get your hopes up. It might not be a girl OR a boy. It might just be a huge tapeworm."

Last night my friend Jaqueline had me leave the leaving room and hid a fork and a spoon under the couch. Then she told me to seat wherever I wanted on it. If I set on top of the fork, I'd have a boy. I set on the fork.

In my dreams I always played with a boy. My sister-in-law says my feet are not swollen, so it's a boy. My mother and mother-in-law say that because it moves too much, it is a boy. My husband said that because the heart rate was low, it is a boy. The check out counter lady at Wal Mart said it is a girl because I look fat (she said the word "wide," which I translated to fat).

Turns out Wal Mart (bitch) lady was wrong, and it's also not tapeworm! We are on team blue!!!!!

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