I will never ever eat chocolate again!!!!

...that is, for the next hour or so.

Today is my birthday and husband gave me a box of Godiva chocolates.

Actually, he was obligated to do so.

My husband likes surprises and even after the whole wedding ring fiasco (where I threatened him with his life if he didn't propose to me already), he still doesn't understand I don't like surprises... Just give it to me straight.

I pestered him the whole evening to give me my chocolate. I knew the box was somewhere in the house. He kept saying, "...but it's not your birthday yet!" and my preggo hormones yelled back, "I don't f... care! Give me my gift, damn it!" Aren't I sweet? (actually, I am not that mean and, oh, husband scored some serious points by also giving me a preggo pillow - more on that later - and tickets for whale watching. yay!)

Fast forward to 2am and after a few (ok, a lot of) chocolate truffles, and I am wide awake with the worst heartburn EVER. They say that if you have heartburn while preggo you will have a harry kid. In that case I am having a freaking ape.

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