The Octopus Alien

When my husband arrives from work and I happen to be at home, I rush to the door that leads to the garage like a puppy. Yes, feminists! I am that kind of wife.

While he takes his dirty boots off, he lifts his head and from his plane of vision, he sees my belly sticking out of my shirt first, which I guess is a funny vision, because he always laughs and sometimes asks, "What do you have in there?"

I usually say, "a baby," "a boy," or "a small person," but today I told him, concerned, "I am starting to think it is an octopus."

The baby kicks from so many angles that I can no longer make out what could be an arm or a leg. Today he kicked so violently that my cell phone, which rested on my belly, bounced away (wish I had gotten that in video!)

It's almost as if there is a creature in there with more than four limbs.

Have you seen the movie alien?

Well, I have, when I was five years old, and promised myself that I would never ever see it again, and I haven't.

There is a scene where the alien is growing inside this person and his belly starts moving in weird shapes. Suddenly the alien jumps out and kills everybody.

I remember sleeping between my parents the night I saw that movie and I shivered in fear.

(I think the only other time in my life I have shivered in fear was in a haunted forest during Halloween. I was not five, though, but more like twenty five years old. This psycho killer person chased after me with a chainsaw, and of course no one bothered to tell me that the chainsaw didn't have nails until I almost had a heart attack and was safely drinking my apple cider outside the forest)

Anywho, my point is, a growing baby kicking looks a lot like that alien movie, except it is cute. Don't tell my husband this, but when the baby kicks really hard, raising my belly an inch momentarily, I sort of lightly poke back at it hoping we could start up some kind of morse code communication.

Here is an interesting video of an octopus alien. Note: this is not my belly, and you need sound to really feel the full effect of this video.

Octopus Alien (with Shark theme)

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