Males (of the Marine kind)

As I watched my husband walk around after showering yesterday, and while snuggling with preggo pillow before bedtime (a traditional favorite past-time of mine now), I suddenly realized, "Oh my God! There's one of those (males) living inside of me! How wild is that?"

In Brazil there is a joke that the only time a woman has a brain inside of her with some reasoning, mathematical skills and sense of direction, is when she is expecting a male.

I am glad I have my husband and that he is a Marine, meaning, he is not afraid of much and likes to explode things, so my boy will not be a softy.

Being a girl makes you soft, whether you want to or not. I like to think I am tough, but my estrogen almost always takes precedent.

The lowest point of my day, for instance, is when I have to catch caterpillars off my tomato plants. I HATE CATERPILLARS! They are green and fat and nasty. And they eat my tomatoes. I screw up my face in disgust every time I see one and grab it with a very, very, very long stick, then throw it with one swoop over the fence, because being a girl, you don't kill things.

(Btw, I think I have hit some people walking dogs outside with the flying caterpillars, because one day I threw one out there and heard someone say, "WTF!!!")

When I recruit my husband to do the job, however, he crabs them with his bare fingers, squeeshing the juices off of the bug. He is my hero when he does that and no victims outside get caterpillar rain.

The other day my husband came home with bruises on his neck from martial arts training (Marine style, I guess). I was excited to tell him that my passion fruits had flowered, and decided not to share that silly, girlie part of me after he told me about his day; about how this one guy was choking him, but then he turned around and choked him too.

So you see, we are different species, and I am glad this little man growing inside of me will have a dad to teach him not to be afraid of caterpillars and that sometimes it's OK to choke people.

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