Linea Nigra (Q&A)

What is it?

It's a dark line starting on the belly button that goes all the way down to the hooha.

How do you get that?

First you meet a boy, then you get naughty and about six months later your estrogen levels will be crazy enough to make your melatonin go berzerk as well (along with your moods). You will get dark in strange areas, like breasts and scars, and then your body will paint a line on your belly just for the heck of it.

Does every preggo lady gets that?

No, you have to be a bit brown, or have some brownie in your blood.

That means you are not white? I thought you were.

No, sir, I am a mutt. I have a drop of something else in my blood (a mix of Native Brazilian and Italian? Dunno). Also, the sooner you get those, the more melatonin you have.

Is it pretty?


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