Half way there

I'm half way there and should have started this blog a long time ago, but who in their right minds can have the right mind to write in the first trimester?

I went from being a workaholic and an energetic person to this blob that I now am. Between hugging the toilet and loathing life, oh, and moving across the country, quitting a business in Africa-hot Virginia and starting another in dry California, I didn't sorta feel like writing.

So here I am, with some energy left, a lot of hunger, and a buck naked person kicking inside of me.

He/she wakes up before I do and is the last one to go to sleep.

Everyone thinks it's a boy because it is very active, which I find to be a dumb think to say because, what do baby girls do, then? Do they just seat in a corner of the uterus sucking their thumbs and thinking about clothes and when they will get to wear them?

Yesterday, during a photography course (where I was by far the youngest and most pregnant person), a leaned over one side of the belly and received three swift and strong kicks, which stopped as soon as I straightened my back. Can this person already have this much personality to kick his/her mom on the ribs if it feels squooshed?

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