Watch a male give birth

Here is a video of a male giving birth (with contractions and all) to multiples:

Male Birth

As I observe my husband lay on his back on the couch, all comfortable and muscular and with his wide hips, while I move with seal (off land) agility and never ever finding a comfortable position, wondering if my bone structure is wide enough for a human head to pass through, I have to confess: watching male seahorses give birth on youtube gives me eye pleasure.

Somewhere along the evolution of these creatures, the females got very pissed off and being a tad feminist, declared that the males should get pregnant and go through labor instead. It only makes sense, if you ask me. Males are stronger and wider. They complain more about pain, but that's because they don't go through periods to remind them monthly that Eve ate the apple first. I think they could get used to it.

Have you seen a UFC fighter? They get punched on the face and keep on moving. That's a man for you. When they complain about other pains, that's because there is a female around and they want attention.

In this evolutionary process, the female seahorses also became very aggressive. They approach the males first and seduce them. They get them pregnant and then they leave. They go on to live their fabulous sea lives with their tummies and reputations intact. Pretty avant-garde, in my opinion. Maybe they are onto something.

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