Other mammal mommas

Here are a couple of pictures I took today of other mammal mommas: dolphins and their babies.

They followed our boat by a golden sunset; about two hundred of them, along with two Blue whales and a friendly Minke whale, while dozens of pelicans flew by. I wanted to say it looked like in the movies, but I have never seen anything like this on the screen. The only other comparison I can make is that this must be what heaven looks like.

When a momma dolphin jumped out of the water, a few feet away and along with the speed of our boat, baby dolphin jumped at the same rate, slightly behind her. I wonder if in dolphin language, baby dolphin was saying, every time it came off the water, "Momma!...Momma!... Wait!...Momma!... Where are we swimming to?...Mom!... Look at me!...Momma!... Are we there yet?...Mom!...Yo, mom!... I'm bored!... Momma!... Look at me!"

I wonder if baby dolphins want as much attention as the foreign kid seating next to me (whom threw tantrums and annoyed the crap out of his parents - and me) in the boat. I wanted to feed this kid to the whales, but unfortunately these whales only eat planktons.

Here are interesting facts about pregnant whales that the guide told us: they gain eight pounds an hour while expecting (and I thought I was a whale - those whales are whales!), their babies are twenty five feet in length when they are born breeched, and they breast feed for over a year!

Momma dolphins also breast feed for about nine months and their babies are always by their side.

Guide dude says that whale mom's milk tastes like condensed milk and of course my mind went into visualizing how he could have possibly found this out (that would have taken some serious scuba diving skills).

Meanwhile in the oven room, the person inside of me did little kicks of happiness with all the sea commotion.

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  1. Gorgeous! Looks like you had so much fun!


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